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We are a small Independent, family run business on the main high street in Bawtry, stocking a variety of good quality health supplements, skin and body care, cleaning products and health foods. We have always veered toward natural and green living, we took over Bawtry Natural Health in 2015 and we love it. We love to help people and enjoy offering advice in the shop and chatting to our customers. We have a great team of therapists that work upstairs in the therapy centre all helping to contribute to our customers health and well-being no matter what health challenges they may have.

We care about people, the environment and animals. We believe we should live in a way that is beneficial and supportive of our environment as well as animals and humans. We work with suppliers that are constantly taking steps to supply products that are as natural as possible and limit their impact on the environment. Our wholesalers also take steps to limit their impact updating the packaging they send our orders and suppling their own brand dried fruit and nuts, grains and pulses in compostable pre-packaging. 

We stock a variety of products that are plastic free alternatives to everyday products such as shampoo bars, plastic free cloths, sponges, body loofahs, recycled bin bags, bamboo toilet roll and much more. We encourage our customers to make small changes that are affordable and easy to do and do so ourselves.

Viridian Nutrition, one of our main suppliers of Vitamins and minerals, are now a carbon neutral company, palm oil free, use no fillers and binders, use organic where possible and have some vegan products. They also encourage return of their glass packaging offering a 25p refund for each container returned. 

Dr Hauschka is currently our most popular Skincare brand. They have been around for 50 years with a certification called COSMOS that denotes they use 100% natural ingredients and they use a very large percentage of organic ingredients. The company also have a bio-dynamic farm, an organic, sustainable, holistic approach to farming, where they grow some of their ingredients. We are currently deciding on a new addition to our skincare range that is natural, organic, vegan, plastic free and effective. 

Our latest edition is a refill station. Customers can either purchase Ecover products in bottles, made using 100% post consumer plastic, and then come back to refill them using our pump dispensers, This seems to be the most popular way so far, customers can however bring any suitable container and fill them up with laundry liquid, fabric softener, washing up liquid, multi-surface cleaner or toilet cleaner. Refill prices are cheaper than buying the pre-packaged version and you get a great sense of satisfaction that one less plastic container is going to landfill or polluting the ocean. 

As a small independent business we are very grateful to our customers for their continued support and we are also very grateful for our new customers that have been looking for ways to reduce the amount of plastic they use. 

Taz has been an Amatsu Therapist for over 20 years and after a long standing interest in nutrition, qualified as a registered nutritional therapist in 2017.  Having ran successful clinics in London and Doncaster, Taz has amassed a wealth of experience treating a variety of conditions from structural problems (back, neck, knee etc) to migraines and digestive problems.   

The clinic is evolving into the vision Taz and Jo had for it when they first took over. They are still working towards that vision with plans to re-vamp the therapy centre, and offer further testing and treatments to clients. They welcome your feedback and suggestions so please do get in touch!